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QuickChange Penile Incontinence Wrap

A change
for the better.

The smart solution for urine management  in minimally ambulatory patients.

Replace catheters

Reduce CAUTI.

The most effective way to reduce catheter-acquired UTIs is simply not to use a catheter.  QuickChange absorbent penile wraps are used by the world's leading hospitals and LTACs to easily replace condom and Foley catheters when their use is medically unnecessary.

Safeguard Patient's Skin

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis

The QuickChange’s patented design collects urine before skin contact can be made, significantly reducing the risk of incontinence acquired dermatitis (IAD). With traditional briefs, urine runs between the thighs and pools under the buttocks until it is absorbed by the brief, causing irritation and often leading to IAD and pressure sores. With the QuickChange Wrap’s open design, breathability is maximized and excessive moisture is minimized, protecting the patient’s skin integrity.

Better for Patients
Better for Staff

Change Patients in 60 Seconds

Changing patients multiple times per shift is a time consuming activity for caregivers, taking time away better spent on providing other more important aspects of patient care. QuickChange’s innovative design allows a single caregiver to change a patient in about a minute, regardless of the patient’s size, anatomy, or weight.

Minimize Sleep Interruptions

QuickChange’s “from the top down” nature means patients can be changed quickly and remain relatively undisturbed as staff don’t need to get underneath the patient to wipe up urine. No more waking patients to change their briefs or soiled linens during the night. Less interruption may allow the patients to enter into deep REM sleep, which may encourage positive changes in disposition and communication.

No Lifting Required

The QuickChange’s “from the top down” nature means patients with urinary incontinence no longer need to be lifted and rolled during each change in order to wipe away urine and apply barrier cream. Changes that previously required the use of a lift or two or more caregivers can now be done by one person and no lifts.

The QuickChange Wrap Difference




Smaller Smarter

25 Of Them

Smaller size and material.

Uses a fraction of the material of traditional briefs.

Efficient storage and delivery.

1 box of 100 wraps is 65% smaller than a box of 100 briefs.

Waste disposal.

Reduce red bag/landfill use and costs.

25 Of Us

All Male

Long or Thick

Damaged/Injured Genitalia
Enlarged Scrotums/Scrotal Edema
Obese Patients with Large Bellies

Proudly made in the U.S.A.