QuickChange Male Incontinence Wrap

A Change for the Better.

Introducing QuickChange, a new continence product for bed bound and wheelchair using men.

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Sometimes the best medicine...is dignity.

QuickChange literally wraps around the penis. It saves time, it prevents urine from coming in contact with the skin, it’s easy to change (only necessitating one person) and the individual being treated doesn’t even have to be awake. More importantly, it’s a truly dignified way to deal with a less than dignified medical issue.

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Why QuickChange is Better

Easier Changes

It’s named QuickChange for good reason: it only takes 60 seconds to change a user, regardless of his size, anatomy or weight. One person, one very quick change. Allowing you to provide a higher level of care, at home.

No Lifting Required

Unlike traditional designs of diaper/briefs that wrap around the waist and legs, QuickChange wraps are applied "from the top down" and only around the penis. It means anyone can administer care, where previously it might require several people (or a lift) to be able to lift a wearer and be able to clean and change a diaper.

Minimize Sleep Interruptions

Changing traditional briefs requires lifting and rolling in order to get underneath the wearer. This typically awakes the wearer, if not preventing him from reaching deep REM sleep. Many families can speak to the power of a complete night's sleep to improve the disposition the following day and everyone's quality of life.

Promotes Skin Health

QuickChanges collect urine before it comes in contact with the skin, significantly reducing the risk of any skin health issues. With diaper/briefs, urine runs between the thighs and pools under the buttocks before being absorbed by the brief. Wraps are open and let heat and moisture escape; briefs are sealed shut and trap in heat and moisture.

Clinically proven as preventing pressure injuries

In a study led by the wound care team at one of the world's most prestigious institutions, QuickChange wraps were shown to prevent pressure injuries related to incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) and to the use of indwelling urinary catheters.

Minimize Touching and Contact

Many developmentally disabled males are uncomfortable with tactile touch and care. The less touching with regard to personal care the better, especially in the genital area. As urine is immediately trapped, sensitive wiping is minimized, if not eliminated.


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