QuickChange Male Incontinence Wrap

Medicaid & Insurance Reimbursement

Medicare? Medicaid?  What’s the difference?

Medicare is a federally run health insurance program that provides medical care to people over 65 who have paid into Medicare, usually through their employer, at some point in their lives.  People can also qualify if they have certain long-term disabilities. Medicare covers 80% of covered services; individuals pay the remaining 20% plus any deductibles that may apply.

Medicaid is a state run health insurance program that is based on financial need and is provided to individuals and families of low income. Medicaid programs have different requirements and benefits from state to state.


Do Medicaid and Medicare cover different products?   Yes!


Will Medicaid pay for QuickChange Wraps?

QuickChange Wraps are covered under the new Medicaid T4545 HCPCS code released Jan. 1, 2019.  We are working with state Medicaid agencies and will be updating this page as more states begin to add us to their approved vendor lists. Currently, South Dakota Medicaid covers the T4545 QuickChange.

Will Medicare pay for QuickChange Penile Wraps?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover QuickChange Wraps.  As we are also akin to catheters which are covered by Medicare, UI Medical is hopeful that coverage will be granted in 2021.

Private Insurance

Private insurance plans typically do not cover incontinence supplies. As we are also akin to catheters, not just briefs, UI Medical is currently working to seek coverage with insurance plans and will continue to update this page as new developments occur.  Currently, Aetna & Farallon Insurance companies cover the QuickChange wrap.