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How To Apply The QuickChange Wrap for Men With Shaft (vs no shaft or retracted)

Quickchange can be applied by itself (stand-alone) without briefs if the user's mobility is minimal.

Fold the two flaps over twice as sown in the instructions, do not roll into a cone!


Place white side up, round edge towards the head and two flaps toward the legs.


Fold pointed flap over penis at 45 degrees, then fold straight flap over, slightly pulling upwards.



With two fingers, pinch the square fastener and inner flap together to ensure attachment.  The final application will look like a coffee filter.  The opening at the top allows for airflow, thus keeping the entire area dry.  

Dry skin helps reduce Incontinence Associated Dermatitis, bed soars, rash and other skin irritation caused by a damp brief.


Do not roll into a tight cone or funnel.  The finished application should look like a coffee filter.


Leave the open side of the QuickChange Wrap pointed towards the legs.  The open side must point toward the head.