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Incontinence Video Tutorial - How to Change an Indwelling or Retracted Penis in three Steps (in less than :60 seconds)

Posted by Lauren Harris on
Incontinence Video Tutorial - How to Change an Indwelling or Retracted Penis in three Steps (in less than :60 seconds) - QuickChange Men's Incontinence Wrap

This page contains an instructional video along with a transcript and images covering the topic "How To Apply the QuickChange Male Incontinence Wrap To a Man With a Retracted or Indwelling Penis".

This application is ideal if you are currently using a catheter or if the Standard Application isn't working due to the penis being retracted.

Suggested Incontinence Supplies and Incontinence Products:  Zinc Spray or Barrier Cream.

Transcript & Step By Step Instructions

Some users or patients have retracted or Indwelling Penises, making it difficult to attach condom catheters or even QuickChange Wraps on the penis.  In this circumstance you will fold the wrap both underneath and around the scrotum as well as the penis.

QuickChange Retracted or Indwelling Penis Application Instructions

Step 1

To begin place the wrap on the abdomen with the white absorbent side up.  Make sure the round edge is toward the head of the body and the two flaps are toward the legs.

Step 2

Slide the wrap down so that the inner ring is down as low towards the base of the shaft as possible.  Or, if totally retracted, the tip of the penis.  Slide the pointed flap between the thigh and scrotum, scoop up the entire scrotum lifting upwards.  

Make sure the flap is close to a 45 degree angle.

Step 3

Next fold the straight flap over the first fold, slightly pulling upwards.

Making sure there is a snug, semi-tight fit around the penis and scrotum to prevent possible leakage.

With two fingers pinch the hook fastener and inner flap together to ensure attachment.


The wrap’s overall shape will still a fan, however it is normal for this shape to be more open and fuller and not let it lay flat.  

The top found edges may not align, as the scrotum inside the wrap changes the alignment slightly.

Remember the top rounded side is not sealed so heat and humidity can escape.

Now, let's review some tips.  

It’s really important to make sure you give that Velcro a really good pinch.   

When repositioning a patient, or turning him on his side, consider changing him first as a soiled wrap can pull away from the patient. You can place a second wrap underneath to hold a wrap in place if he is spending a lot of time on his side. You can use mesh briefs or underwear for patients with severe spasms.

For your patients with heavy flow, or high urine pressure, or if you just want to stay away from catheters, you can tape the wrap or use a second wrap as with the standard application.  

If you have any questions please reach out to us for free additional instruction.  Send an email to or call 1 (800) 206-2816.

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