QuickChange Male Incontinence Wrap

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QuickChange Incontinence Wrap for Men, Maximum Protection, One Size


For the incontinent man, QuickChange is the top new male incontinence product on the market. Similar to incontinence briefs, shields, and pads, the Wrap is an innovative new form of urine management.  Wraps can be used as a stand-alone product and work in conjunction with diapers, pads, and briefs.

The QuickChange Wrap is primarily for urinary incontinent men that are bedbound or chairbound, as well as men who do minimal walking. For active men, the only recommended use is nighttime.  This medical wrap is a terrific catheter replacement (condom catheter, texas catheter, and all other types).

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Why QuickChange Wrap? It’s named QuickChange for a good reason: it only takes 60 seconds to change a wrap, regardless of a man’s size anatomy, or weight. One caregiver, one very quick Change, allowing for a higher and better level of care at home.

Holds 17oz of liquid remaining dry to the touch! Maximum absorbency through a multi-bonded, air-laid core that holds up to 10x more than standard diapers, briefs, or pad.

Promotes skin health. Designed to collect urine as soon as it is voided without allowing urine to get on skin. This separation helps healthy skin stay healthy and clean which helps damaged skin stay dry to promote healing.

It has a top layer next to the skin that is soft and porous, so the urine is immediately wicked away to the absorbent middle layer, where urine is captured as a gel, dry to the skin.

One size fits all


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