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Reduce CAUTI

Posted by Lauren Harris on

QuickChange Wraps are a solution to avoiding CAUTI, plus they are less invasive and easier and faster to apply. In contrast to catheters, they cost a fraction of what catheters do, and any staff (or caregiver) can put on the wrap. 

In this blog post, we examine the causes of CAUTI, what can help prevent an infection from occurring, and how QuickChange can be a great alternative over catheters for men.

QuickChange is Now Available at 300 Walmart Super Store Locations (Nationwide)

Posted by Lauren Harris on
We are thrilled that as of today,  May 31st, the QuickChange Men's Incontinence Wrap (QCW) is for sale in over three hundred Walmart stores nationwide, across 44 states, including Hawaii.  We are just as thrilled to announce that we are also simultaneously launching on, featuring the custom 8 count sample packed developed for Walmart.

5 Incontinence Facts for Wheelchair Users

Posted by Frank Guernsey on
Incontinence is a challenging condition for anyone to manage, but especially so for wheelchair users.  QuickChange allows men with incontinence who are wheelchair users to go about their life without restrictions. This is an incontinence product for men that can improve your quality of life by leaps and bounds.

Innovative Male Incontinence Product Replaces Catheter Use for Adult Men

Posted by Frank Guernsey on
In many situations, QuickChange Wraps can obviate catheters, and eliminate the problems associated with them, including patient discomfort, urethral scarring, catheter acquired urinary tract infections, subsequent temporary or permanent incontinence and avoiding the federal documentation requirements for catheter use.