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The smart solution for male urinary incontinence (UI) in sleeping or non-abulatory patients.

Reduce CAUTI by Avoiding Catheters

The most effective way to reduce catheter acquired UTI's is simply not to use a catheter. QuickChange absorbent incontinence wraps are used by the world's leading hospitals and LTAC's to easily replace condom catheters and Foley indwelling catheters when their use is medically unnecessary.

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Foley catheters have clear, well known issues: high infection rates, urethral scarring, continence control damage. When addressing urinary retention, Foleys are clearly called for. However, Foleys are still often used over condom caths, not out of medical necessity, but out of practical necessity - wounds, dermatitis, skin maceration, damaged genitalia, etc that prevent usage of condom caths.

Condom catheters have their own issues: they are prone to leaks, difficult to measure appropriate sizing, dermatitis and maceration, painful removal. Often, they're not even a viable option for patients with indwelling penises, enlarged scrotums or heavily damaged skin.

Sometimes the best medicine is dignity.

Staying in a facility is an anxiety inducing experience for patients. Whether it’s the daily changes of condom catheters or adult briefs, no patient looks forward to the process. QuickChange Wraps can improve on the process by minimizing the caregiver’s effort and the amount of time for changes, and restoring dignity and reduce the toll taken on the patient.

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Wendy K., MPH, CIC