QuickChange Men's Incontinence Wrap

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QuickChange Inservice Education Program: Inservicing is non-intrusive, low bandwidth and quick. It covers the correct application for atypical conditions such as enlarged scrotal edema, retracted penises, bariatric patients, and other conditions more in-depth than as just illustrated on the product packaging, alongside other tips and hints for professional settings.

Inservice Options

QuickChange / UI Medical highly recommends health care providers/facilities and staff act on at least one mode of the following three inservice options:

i. Pre-recorded Videos: Staff and educators can watch our various educational videos at this link, including pre-recorded live action inservice videos.

ii. Live, Video/TeleConference Inservicing: We offer virtual inservicing live from our broadcast studio over platforms such as Zoom and Skype. We can inservice leadership such as educators and nurse managers, and if possible, staff members (depending on your room size). We recommend setting aside 15 minutes to include time for Q&A. Advanced notice of 2 days is required.

iii. On-site Inservicing: Educators may be able to come to your facility to provide live inservicing. Please contact the UI Medical team for more information. Our teams inservice all units and shifts in your facility from MedSurg’s and ICU’s to the ED and even a hyperbaric chamber team in just 1-2 days. Inservices take less than 15 minutes per unit, are nonintrusive, and can be done during huddles, as one on ones, or in small groups in break rooms or around a nurses station. Onsite inservicing is typically booked 1-2 months in advance.


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